In aantocht naar ons eerste STudents Only Film Festival kun je nu al diverse films bekijken.

Directed by Nelson Polfliet

When the elderly burlesque dancer Elvira wishes to see her deceased husband Jean one last time, it is the devil who comes to pick her up.

Directed by Diëgo Nurse

A poetic portrait about how Beyong , a 30 year old transgender who was forced to suppress her true self growing up, gives in to her subconsciousness and starts her transformation to the woman she is today.

Directed by Lise Custers

After a while is a short animation about a bear trying to adapt at his changing environment. Searching for solutions and possibilities. Is he flexible enough to survive.

Directed by Bertrand De Bock

A circumstellar story of romance.

Created by: Eli Bastiaens, Calder Cosyn, Nelson, De Neve, Laure Dhooge, Fabian Everaert, Larissa Van Craenenbroeck

A mixed media animation short about the young janitor of a museum. During his shift, he breaks the museum’s prized dinosaur skeleton…

Directed by: Erno Baelus

Eugene wakes up on an unknown terrain with a walkie-talkie lying right next to him. A voice in the walkie-talkie claims he is a sniper and has Eugene in his sights. If Eugene can reach the turbine at the horizon before sunset, then he’s free to go.

Directed by Adil El Arbi & Bilall Fallah

Said is an Iraqi immigrant who fled the war. When he passes by a family of tourists, he’s confronted by his past.

Directed by Tobias de Win

The film is about a father who was abandoned by his daughters and about a son who left my father as a child. Through an interview they tell about the impact of that decision.

Directed by Antonio Guadamus Fernandez

Een schizofrene vrouw die geen onderscheid kan maken tussen realiteit en fantasie/wanen word alles op een dag teveel

Directed by Hannelore Steven

Een klein, landelijk dorp wordt geteisterd door een plaag van mysterieuze verdwijningen. Wanneer een jong ongelovig koppel, Peter en Marie, achtervolgd wordt door een duister wezen dienen ze te vluchten voor hun leven. Ze beslissen om in een kerk te schuilen waar een oude pastoor zich liefelijk over hen ontfermt maar al snel rijst de vraag of ze hem kunnen vertrouwen.

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